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Monday, June 8, 2015

San Rafael, Argentina

San Rafael is about three hours south of Mendoza and about ten hours north of Bariloche. Mike found several properties that were worth a second look and instead of commuting from Mendoza every day, we decided to go ahead and spend a week in San Rafael after we left Mendoza.
San Rafael is a city of around 100,000 people and is home to several attractions like an olive oil museum, a few retired trains and a small train exhibit, and an old war museum. While Mike was out researching real estate, the boys and I explored (and climbed all over) the old trains. We treated ourselves to the local sandwiches, called lomitas, which are massive and piled high with ham, beef, fried eggs, and homemade mayo. And when Mike was with us, we all explored the olive oil museum (and sampled the local olives that this region is known for!) and toured the old war museum. Mike had a blast explaining all the machinery and guns to the boys!
Our apartment was home to a couple dogs and even a sweet kitty that the boys played with daily in the backyard. And our rent included a breakfast of fresh, local pastries with dulce de leche (the locals use it like we do peanut butter!) and hot coffee and teas.
Our last evening was spent enjoying the dusk and the cool weather at the town's main square, fountains, and beautiful, modern cathedral. Friday nights are busy nights and there weren't any taxis to be found so the boys "hitchhiked" home on Mike's shoulders!
We had a good time and more importantly, learned a lot about the region's farms, ranches, and real estate!
Until next time!

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